History's "Wings"


THERMEX, (originally Thermor) was founded in 1958. The core products were the first years
only based on smaller fans for use in toilets, offices, shops, restaurants
and similar rooms where there was a need for air renewal.
In 1965, THERMEX introduced the first real hood model "turbinette" one
kitchen fan, without light and filter for placement above the stove.​




In the mid-1970s, THERMEX designed, mass-produced and launched, which they
first ever on the market a decorative hood with grease filter, light and control. Back then
known as "wrought iron scope" today simply called scope. The purpose of this
innovation was to unite design and function in one unit. The first "real" scope was called
Model FANØ and was launched in 1976. The range was a resounding success from the start,
and is to this day a staple in kitchens around the world.
In 1983, THERMEX began to spread the concept to other countries, first to Sweden and
Norway and then to other countries. In the mid-1990s, the design changed
style from black lacquered wrought iron scope with details in brass to more stylish and
futuristic designs with brushed stainless steel surfaces.
Model Ronda in stainless steel with halogen lighting and electronic control was
developed, produced and marketed in 1994, among other things with massive advertising on TV.
In the late 1990s began
THERMEX to combine hoods in stainless steel with glass.

Model Zirkon from 2000 in steel and glass was part of the Crystalia series with features such as optical fiber lighting, remote control, raising/lowering function and decorative lighting
At the beginning of the 00s, THERMEX began a collaboration with the world-renowned Danish designer Jacob Jensen. This led to the creation of the range Inn-line, which, with its style, broke with the usual way of designing range.
In the mid-00s, THERMEX's development team worked again to create new innovative products. This led to a minor confrontation with the traditional way of thinking that the range should hang down over the cooking island at eye level.
THERMEX therefore launched in 2002 as the first to launch the term "ceiling-integrated scope". A solution where the scope was simply built into the ceiling, and therefore gave an unobstructed view of the kitchen.
It would turn out that this solution would later go on to win its way around the world, and today is used in a large number of kitchens. As can be seen from the history, THERMEX is not only the mother of the range, since the start in 1958, THERMEX has continuously developed and market adapted the products to the trend and demand of the time.
THERMEX is the market leader in hoods and hoods. THERMEX is constantly working to provide you with the best and most simple solutions, and here the key words are: DESIGN, SUCTION CAPACITY, SOUND WEAKNESS. In addition, THERMEX is constantly working towards more energy- and environmentally friendly scopes.
Should you, contrary to expectations, not find the right solution among THERMEX's many options, remember that THERMEX can actually also produce your very own scope to measure, and in exactly the color you want.
THERMEX is a 100% Danish-owned company with long and proud traditions. Our products are sold through a qualified and competent network of kitchen and white goods specialists throughout Denmark.
THERMEX Scandinavia A/S has its headquarters in Hjørring and sales department in Rødovre, where our team of skilled and service-oriented employees are ready to give you the best advice and service on the market, both before and after your purchase of a THERMEX product. In addition to Denmark, THERMEX is also present with its own organization in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Spain.
THERMEX organization is F.I.T and it stands for