This is how a hood works


Get the most out of your Thermex range

Indoor climate and room ventilation​


Today, there are very strict legal requirements for the insulation of houses. It is
naturally good for the heating bill, the climate and our common planet. Unfortunately, high insulation also means that our homes cannot breathe - to the detriment of both buildings and residents. This is the problem your scope must solve for the kitchen, which is without comparison the room in the home where the need for ventilation is greatest.

Simply opening the window is not enough


A properly installed range hood creates negative pressure in the kitchen, preventing steam, moisture, and odors from spreading to the rest of the home. In this way, the range hood contributes to improving air quality throughout the residence, benefiting both the residents and the building.

The range hood draws the grease-laden air out through the filter. As the air passes through the filter, it cools down, causing the grease particles to adhere.

The larger the range hood in relation to the stove, the better ventilation is achieved.

Edge suction


Collection with edge suction has an exclusive design with the filters well hidden away
inside the scope. Edge suction - or slit suction - creates air currents all the way
around the cooking zone.
It is these air currents that isolate em so that it does not
escapes. The extraction of the scope is concentrated in the crack. The air speed
increases and the sound level becomes slightly higher.

Filter at the bottom


Scope with filter at the bottom has the largest suction and filter surface, lower air speed and less air noise. In addition, the filters are easy to remove in connection with cleaning.
It is the size of the suction surface and the air volume that are decisive for efficiency. The degree of collection can be increased considerably by raising the filter base, and it is of course an advantage if the capacity covers the entire cooking section.

Vertical suction

Range with vertical extraction provides space and freedom of movement around the hob. The design is ergonomic, and you can get to and from pots and pans without difficulty.
Range with vertical extraction combines filter at the bottom with edge suction and gives you the best of both suction principles

Metal filter gets greasy

The intake sucks the fat-saturated air out through the filter. When the air flows through the filter, it is cooled so that the fat particles stick.
Since metal provides a very efficient cooling, this whole process is most efficient if the grease filter is made of metal, which it is on all THERMEX models.​.​


Recirculation filter

Active recirculation filter is used on receptacles with recirculation that do not have an outlet to the outside.
Carbon filter etok cleans the air of odors, but not moisture.

Internal engine​


Range with internal motor, the exhaust is connected to the outdoors through the roof or wall.
Receptacle for recirculation has no outlet to the outdoors. An active recirculation filter cleans the air before it is sent back to the room again.

External motor​


Place the motor away from the scope, e.g. on the ceiling, roof or external wall. It provides greater extraction capacity and makes less noise.
Most THERMEX models are also available for connection to the property's central ventilation system, i.e. without its own engine.