You can get your new THERMEX scope exactly the way you want.

There is only one like you in the whole world. You can also get a unique scope in THERMEX quality...

All kitchens are personal and unique. Therefore, they also each require a unique solution when it comes to air improvement and extraction. At THERMEX, you get almost 100 different models to choose from.

THERMEX covers all styles and needs with internal, user-friendly functionality, beautiful surfaces and well-thought-out details.

All with a sea of personal possibilities at all levels

– design, colours, sizes, materials, automation, operating facilities... you name it.

If you want more than that, you are welcome to let your imagination run wild and have your own ideas transformed into a special scope in THERMEX quality.

Do you have special needs?

Maybe you have some very special needs. Maybe you want something that no one else has. Maybe you just want to "think completely outside the box" and forget all about traditions. Regardless, you can have your original and personal THERMEX scope tailored.

You beat the lines – THERMEX builds your personal hood


When you start to design your own scope, it is important that you start from an already existing effort that is energy-labelled. THERMEX has many different inserts, which you can design your own scope without.

See it for yourself. Visualize your ideas in a sketch, specify measurements, choice of materials, colors and kitchen location... and then take the entire pier to your THERMEX dealer, who is ready to contribute with tips, ideas and good advice. Also visit www.thermex.dk which offers further inspiration for changing the air in your kitchen.


Many designs - many possibilities...​

No scope is too big or small for us to handle. THERMEX builds your design in sizes up to 2600 mm in width and 1100 mm in depth. But ask anyway if you want something larger than that - and we will find a solution, possibly with minor modifications.

When you start to design your own scope, it is important that you take as a starting point an already existing effort, which is already energy-labeled. THERMEX has many different inserts in different sizes and with different specifications, just as they are available with both internal and external motors. It is these stakes around which you can design your own scope. You will find the various bets here in the Yellow Line catalogue. Our sales department is happy to advise on the choice of intervention


Special colors

At THERMEX you can get it almost as you want - here you can choose exactly the surface you want. From stainless steel – brushed or polished – to beautiful lacquers in more than 200 different colours. If you want a color match with your kitchen cabinets, yes, we can do this too. All we need is a swatch.