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Healthy indoor climate

Healthy indoor climate with an efficient bathroom fan


Over the past few decades, the indoor climate has come into the spotlight. The importance of a healthy indoor climate without excessive odors, humidity, drafts and uncomfortably high or low temperatures has dawned on both experts and home owners.

That is why most newer homes are built with built-in ventilation, either in the form of heat recovery, heat pumps or air conditioning. In this way, even the densest and most efficiently insulated house can achieve an indoor climate that is healthy and comfortable at the same time.


Equipping the home with state-of-the-art ventilation offers many advantages. First of all, as mentioned above, you get a much better indoor climate if the air in the home is replaced on a continuous basis. Effective extraction removes radon and particles as well as allergens such as pollen and dust from the air, so that it becomes cleaner and fresher to breathe.

With an optimal indoor climate, you and your family get a higher degree of well-being on a daily basis. You can reduce the risk of the children developing allergies from childhood if the air is cleaned of allergy-causing dust.

In spring and summer, you can get rid of annoying hay fever, as most ventilation systems filter the air from outside before it is led into the home through professional filters. This means that you do not have to worry about whether pollen from grass or birch is sucked into the home via the ventilation system.

In addition, you can be happy that with a ventilation system you will not have to air out several times a day in order to reduce the level of radon in your and your family's house. Radon is suspected of being a contributing cause of several different forms of cancer. If you remove radon from the air, you will be able to minimize the risk of developing radon in all members of the household.

Finally, the health of the house will improve if the indoor air is tempered and humidity is regulated. Among the most troublesome and harmful ailments in the home is mold, which gets good growth conditions if the humidity in the home is too high.

Mold can lead to illness in both children and adults. You should therefore ensure that the humidity level in the home is kept to an absolute minimum. And you can do this, for example, by installing a bathroom fan.

Bathroom fans from Thermex – a future-proof choice


If your bathroom is not yet equipped with ventilation or venting, you should consider installing a bathroom fan. This is especially true if you don't have windows that can be opened to let steam out, or an effective exhaust system that can remove moisture from the air.

A permanently high humidity can settle in the walls and give rise to the formation of mould. Mold thrives in moist environments and is difficult to get rid of once it has taken hold.

It is therefore important to ensure effective ventilation in the bathroom. And you can do this with great advantage using a bathroom fan from the Danish manufacturer Thermex.

Thermex bathroom ventilation‚Äč


Thermex, which is perhaps best known for its top-quality hoods and hoods, is behind a number of products for ventilation and air purification in private homes. Among these you will find several solutions for bathroom ventilation. You will certainly be able to find a bathroom fan that matches your needs in the wide range.

No matter which bathroom fan you choose, you will never be disappointed with a Thermex product. For decades, Thermex has supplied households in Denmark and the rest of the world with quality products for extraction and ventilation in all rooms of the home.

Future 100 – functional and future-proof design


The extra quiet and discreet Future 100 bathroom fan operates with both hygrostat control and control via light switch. The hygrostat control will always function as the primary control, which means that the fan will run regardless of whether the light is on or not, if the humidity is higher than the set limit value.


Future 100 has a beautiful and discreet design that fits in any bathroom or toilet. This bathroom fan can be connected to an extension, and matches a brick pipe with a diameter of 10 centimeters.

The Thermex Punto series – small and efficient


For the small bathroom, where the humidity quickly becomes relatively high, you can choose a Thermex Punto bathroom fan with great advantage. This fan, which is suitable for smaller wet rooms, can be mounted in the window, ceiling or wall.


Depending on which model from the Punto series you choose, your bathroom fan comes with an adjustable delay timer, automatic shut-off and adjustable hygrostat, which can be set to between 60% and 90% relative humidity.