Free-hanging hood


Enrich the kitchen with a beautiful free-hanging hood

Enrich the kitchen with a beautiful free-hanging hood


An efficient extractor hood is a must in every modern kitchen. To this day, virtually all newer kitchens are equipped with a hood or a container that can absorb steam, frying oil and other particles from cooking.

With a well-functioning extractor hood, you avoid bad smells in the home - and you avoid having the smell of food lingering in your hair and clothes. An on hood is a lot more effective than an open window when it comes to removing mold from the home. And even if you have the opportunity to ventilate thoroughly, you still achieve better comfort and a cleaner kitchen with a high-quality extractor hood.

Does your current extractor hood need to be replaced, or are you in the process of remodeling the kitchen? Then you should consider whether you should have installed a more modern one of this kind.

An extractor hood is not necessarily a large and noisy appliance that mostly gets in the way when you are cooking. Now and then you can get smart and discreet hoods which are both quiet and at the same time boast a high suction capacity. You also don't have to have the hood hanging on the wall, as you can choose between table-integrated, ceiling-integrated or free-hanging hoods, for example.

Why choose a free-hanging hood?


Perhaps you think that it is more practical with an extractor hood which is permanently mounted on the wall, or perhaps discreetly hidden out of the way in the ceiling. But there may actually be good reason to acquire a free-hanging hood instead of one of the other hood models.

If your stove or hotplates are not located close to the wall, but instead in the middle of the room, you will not get much benefit from a hood that is either wall-mounted or integrated into an overhead cabinet. In other words, you will not achieve the best suction performance if your extractor hood hangs on the wall and your stove is placed on a cooking island.

The hood should preferably be mounted close to the source if it is to function optimally. Therefore, your extractor hood must either be table-integrated, ceiling-integrated or free-hanging. If you do not have the opportunity to implement a table-integrated hood, and the ceiling is too high for a ceiling-integrated model to work optimally, it therefore makes sense to look at one of the beautiful free-hanging hoods from Thermex.

Thermex hoods – a safe choice 


Thermex is among the leading manufacturers of hoods, not only in Denmark, but also internationally. Hoods from Thermex have always been top of the line in terms of both capacity and suction power as well as design.


When you buy a Thermex hood, regardless of which model you choose, you will be guaranteed a solid and functional product that is easy to use and that you can enjoy for many years to come. Thermex is a guarantor of the high quality standards, and at the same time supplies hoods in many different designs. At Thermex, you can always find an extractor hood that matches your needs and preferences and that fits perfectly into your kitchen.

Thermex is capable of delivering hoods with good suction power, which can be connected to both extraction to the outdoors and recirculation through an effective charcoal filter. You thus get the opportunity to install a fully functional hood even if you do not have the opportunity to install extraction when you buy a hood from Thermex.

Thermex is behind two product series, namely Yellowline and Blueline. In both series you will find hoods in top quality. The only difference is that products in the Yellowline series can be bought both online and in physical stores, where Blueline products are exclusively sold offline at authorized dealers.

OXFORD – an elegant and affordable solution


In Thermex's Yellowline series, you will find, among other delicious products, the beautiful and functional free-hanging extractor hood OXFORD. The base of the OXFORD model is circular and equipped with four LED spots. Both base and suspension are made of stainless steel, for a beautiful and stylish <em>look</em>.

The beautiful OXFORD hood fits into every designer kitchen. The hood is easy to use, and the attractive surface is particularly easy to clean. Your cooking island only gets more beautiful with an OXFORD hood from Thermex.


GREEN AIR – stylish aesthetics for your kitchen

Likewise, in the Yellowline product series from Thermex we find GREEN AIR – a free-hanging hood with a very distinctive plug and charm. With the GREEN AIR model, you get a hood that in no way resembles a traditional hood. The cylinder-shaped hood evokes memories of a beautiful designer lamp, which is why this particular model fits perfectly into the minimalist interior.

GREEN AIR is available in white or black, and both models are supplied with a built-in Plasmex(R) filter. A really good solution if you don't have the opportunity to set up extraction outdoors.

DERBY – the cheapest alternative

If you are not interested in paying a small fortune for your new hood, the well-designed and unconventional DERBY hood from the Yellowline series is just the thing for you. With DERBY, you get a lot of value for money in the form of a really nice hood with an exciting curved profile.

DERBY can function both with connection to an extraction duct and with an active filter for recirculation. And your DERBY hood gives your kitchen a completely personal touch.



LYON – unmatched efficiency in a tight design

If you are into 100% clean lines, and at the same time you want a top quality hood, you might want to check out the free-hanging hood LYON. LYON belongs to Thermex's Blueline series and belongs to the exclusive end of the product range.

LYON can present a beautiful and functional design with a particularly large suction surface and corresponding capacity. The smart hood can be controlled using either a remote control or the accompanying app from Thermex, or you can create the hood in the home's Google Assistant and control it from anywhere in the home.