Tips and advice


Get the most out of your Thermex hood

Engine sound​


A powerful motor has a greater extraction capacity, but also produces correspondingly more noise. You can reduce the noise by reducing the engine speed. It also reduces the air volume, but the lowest rise is good for most.
Air noise and duct noise

Air in motion causes noise. Just as when the wind rushes, sound is produced when it encounters an obstacle. The straighter - with as few bends and bends as possible - you can position your exhaust and the larger the channels the air is transported through, the less noise it will make.

In the case of ceiling integrated modell


You must be aware that the distance from the cooking zone to the filter surface is longer than normal. This type of model is usually equipped with edge suction, which increases efficiency. THERMEX recommends that the distance between the hob and the filter does not exceed 3 metres.

The optimal distance


THERMEX recommends that you mount your range at a height of 500-700 mm above your stove. However, always pay attention to applicable legal requirements and specifications for cookers and hoods.

There are more cash energy savings to be had if you use your scope correctly


A range running at the highest level uses up to one and a half times as much power as at the lowest level. The highest level is actually only necessary when cooking or frying food that smells, oozes or oozes a lot. Start the scope five minutes before you have to fry or boil. Then you will create the necessary negative pressure in the kitchen. This means that the engine does not have to run at maximum power. The low and more targeted suction effect also saves on heating costs, because you exchange less of the hot air that is, and must be, in your kitchen.

Remove unwanted noise


THERMEX always recommends the use of condensation and sound-insulated hose or pipe throughout the installation, this counteracts unwanted noise and moisture. If you have bought a product with an external motor, you can advantageously buy and install a silencer between the scope and the motor. The silencer can further dampen the sound of exhaust air through the installation.

(Contact your dealer for further info).

Clean grease filters work best


The grease filters must be kept as clean as possible to maintain their effectiveness. Depending on how often and what type of food you prepare, you should expect to clean your metal filters approximately once a month - but it is also a lot easier than a complete kitchen cleaning.

Always follow the instructions for your particular product.

Avoid loss of suction power


As far as possible, the use of 90° bends should be minimized. One 90˚ bend causes as great a loss in suction power as one meter of hose or pipe. Always shorten hoses and pipes so that the installation is as short as possible. The longer the installation, the greater the pressure loss = less suction power. Always use the largest possible hose diameter. If your hood or motor was born with Ø160 mm, you must use at least Ø160 mm hose, etc. If you just go down one size, it can reduce the effect by up to 66%.




If the standard duct is to be longer, then an extra long duct or an extension adapter must be used.
In those cases there will be an additional price.






In some houses, the ceiling has a slope.

THERMEX can here cut the channel to flattery.