Pro Link Modul


Makes the air exchange in your kitchen more efficient - Wireless




Here is the solution to how you can balance the air exchange in your kitchen if you have a low-energy house or an apartment with a ventilation system without having to run cables between the ventilation system and the hood. Pro Link is, so to speak, an advanced version of THERMEX Trigger Link Module.
With THERMEX Pro Link, you have the option of choosing three different packages, depending on your needs.




The advanced wireless Trigger Link Module, Pro Link Basic, consists of a transmitter module that is installed at the hood and a receiver module that is installed at the ventilation system - the communication between the two devices takes place wirelessly.

The receiver module has two independent double-acting relay outputs. You can thus, depending on need, either have two different trigger points for your ventilation system or connect different equipment.


The solution for modern homes with hoods with external exhaust. Often, the ventilation system in modern homes has a limited opportunity to run unbalanced operation, which is why the system cannot supply sufficient air during use of the hood.

THERMEX has therefore further developed Pro Link Basic to also include a motor-controlled damper which is connected to the air side of the ventilation system.

When the ventilation system cannot supply sufficient air, the damper opens automatically and ensures that the air exchange in the home is balanced.


The solution for modern homes, where it is not possible to install a hood with exhaust to the outdoors.

In homes where it is necessary to recirculate the air from the hood, it is often experienced that the air is not sufficiently cleaned of particles, and it takes a long time before the moisture from cooking is removed.

THERMEX has therefore further developed Pro Link Basic, so that, together with THERMEX Plasmex® filter, it both ensures that over 96% of the particles are removed at the same time that we ensure the ventilation system is boosted during cooking, and removes moisture
from the air as soon as possible.