Ceiling integrated hood

Thermex ceiling integrated hood – efficient and discreet

Ceiling integrated hoods – efficient and discreet 


A well-functioning hood or hood is a must have in every modern kitchen. The hood's job is to catch grease and soot particles from cooking, and thus prevent bad smells in the home as well as unnecessary dirt on the walls and cupboards in your kitchen.

Even if you have windows in the kitchen, it is doubtful whether you can get the worst of the food simply by opening these and making drafts. And this model is far from optimal in the cold winter months.

If you are thus faced with having to build a new kitchen or renovate the existing one, it is a good idea to consider the extractor hood in advance. On this occasion, you should consider which type of hood you prefer - and which model best matches your decor.

There are several different types of hoods, each of which has its own advantages. Which extractor hood model you should choose depends entirely on your preferences and the layout of your kitchen.


Find an integrated hood that fits your kitchen


It has never been easier to find a beautiful and stylish extractor hood that can easily fit into a delicious designer kitchen on an equal footing with the other elements. Where in the past the hood was almost a necessary evil due to its clumsy design and the infernal noise, today's hoods will not make a big deal of themselves.

For example, you can choose an extractor hood that is integrated into the ceiling, the table or the cabinet above your stove. An integrated hood will be practically invisible to the naked eye. And this hood model is also quite quiet.

When you choose an integrated extractor hood, you also save space in the kitchen. You don't have to have a large, noisy crumb hanging at head height above your stove. Modern extractor hoods are equipped with a suction power that means they can easily be installed at ceiling height and still capture the vast majority of the food when you cook.

Choose a ceiling-integrated hood for optimal use of the space


If you do not want upper cabinets mounted above your stove, and therefore are not in the market for a cabinet-integrated hood, you can choose a ceiling-integrated hood instead. This type of hood is mounted in the ceiling and can be connected to the extraction system in your home, or you can choose a model with a recirculation filter.

Thermex were the first on the market with ceiling-integrated extractor hoods – an innovative product with an equal emphasis on aesthetics and functionality. The goal was to create a solution that was efficient and space-saving at the same time. And this must be said to have succeeded beyond all expectations.

A ceiling integrated hood from Thermex is practically invisible to the naked eye. The discreet plate, which covers the scope itself, blends in with the ceiling. The hood is actually only revealed by the three or four light spots that are on when the hood is in operation. You thus get an aesthetic solution that provides light and air in your kitchen when you choose a ceiling-integrated extractor hood.

Various ceiling integrated hoods from Thermex


Thermex is capable of delivery in three ceiling-integrated hood models. In the Yellowline series we are talking about the models PASSAT and then the two NEWCASTLE variants MAXI and MEDIO, and in the Blueline series you will find the METZ MAXI and METZ MEDIO. Common to all models is that they are each equipped with powerful motors, which ensure that everything is efficiently sucked out of the kitchen when you are cooking.

The ceiling-integrated hood models can be controlled by remote control, which makes the work a lot easier. The included remote control has a long range and can control both light and suction power.

Smart control of your ceiling-integrated hood


Both the NEWCASTLE models such as METZ and PASSAT are supplied, in addition to the standard remote control, with the patented Thermex voicelink system which enables you to control your extractor hood simply by using your voice. In other words, you don't have to reach for your remote control while you have your hands full in the kitchen, which is a big advantage.

However, you also have the option of controlling your Thermex hood using a special app that can be installed on a smartphone or tablet. The hood is equipped with Wi-Fi connection, so you can easily and quickly check the hood via your device.

This gives you the opportunity, for example, to control the suction power via your app – a useful solution if you are in another room and thus out of earshot or the range of the remote control. You can also check the hood's filter condition, and thus get a picture of when it's time to clean or change the filter.

The Thermex app is free and can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play. You also have the option of incorporating your Thermex hood into the Google Assistant family, so that you can switch the hood on and off from all rooms via the home's Google Assistant.


Thermex METZ – a new classic


Among the ceiling-integrated models, METZ must be said to be the ultimate flagship. The METZ ceiling-integrated hood, with its elegant front panel, is a very good choice for a refined hood that can match the decor of even the most stylish designer kitchen.

Thermex METZ can present an exceptionally high efficiency when it comes to both suction capacity and grease filtration. The beautiful glass top is easy to clean, and the built-in spotlights have a long life.

Installation of a ceiling-integrated hood 


When you buy a ceiling-integrated hood, you must be aware that assembly and installation must be carried out by a trained technician in accordance with the instructions from Thermex and applicable legislation.

You must therefore go out and get hold of a technician when you need to set up your Thermex PASSAT, METZ or NEWCASTLE extractor hood. The good news is that these hood models are so easy to install that only one person is needed for the task.

The Thermex cooker hood models PASSAT and NEWCASTLE can be purchased online as well as from physical retailers. If you want a METZ hood from Thermex's Blueline series, you must get hold of a physical dealer, as this series is not sold online.