Trigger Link Modul


This is how you get balanced ventilation in your home

Many houses today have their own ventilation system with a heat recovery function.
These ventilation systems provide, that as much air is blown into the house as is sucked out.
In other words, there is a balance in the air exchange.​

When the hood with its own exhaust is switched on, suddenly more air is sucked out of the house than is blown in. A negative pressure is thus created inside the house, and this has the consequence that smoke from the stove or fireplace can be sucked into the living room. Dust and impurities from outside can penetrate into the house and the scope can absorb less well at the same time that it can be difficult to open doors and windows.

The Trigger Link from THERMEX ensures that the moment you switch on your range, a signal is sent to the ventilation system to blow more air into the house so that again
balance is created in the air exchange.

The THERMEX Trigger Link Module is plugged in between the power outlet
and the container, at the same time a connection is made to the heat recovery plant.

The signal from THERMEX Trigger Link can also be used to activate other installations in the home.

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