Wall-hung hood

The hood – indispensable in the modern kitchen

If you want to avoid odors from mados in your kitchen and in other rooms of the home -

you can choose to install a hood with great advantage. The hood makes it easy for you to cook, roast and braise your food without the whole house smelling of food.

Even if you can open the window and ventilate, it will not be a sustainable solution. Firstly, it will mean a large heat loss during the cold winter months. Secondly, you will not be able to get rid of all the particles from the cooking to life with bare airing.

For this purpose, you need an efficient hood that can capture grease and soot that would otherwise settle on all surfaces in the kitchen. A hood with the right capacity will be able to keep the home odor-free, regardless of how diligently you cook.

Which type of hood should I choose?

In the past, an extractor hood was a large and clumsy unit which was placed directly above the stove in its entire depth. This location is particularly impractical in relation to both cooking and cleaning, and can be a nuisance for people above a certain height.

The old-fashioned hoods were no longer efficient, and at the same time made an incredible amount of noise. However, a lot has happened on this front since then. A modern, high-quality extractor hood will be able to capture food and soot particles from cooking in a much more efficient way, while being virtually silent.

Extractor hood with extraction or charcoal filter 

A newer range hood does not need to be connected to extraction, but can work with an efficient charcoal filter that collects grease and food and is easy to change. In fact, a wall-hung hood with filter will be able to clean the air just as effectively as a hood connected to an extraction duct, as long as the filter is replaced once or twice a year.

You should decide whether you want a hood with a filter, or whether you would like to be able to connect your hood to the home's exhaust system. It will be clear from the model's product sheet whether the hood removes food by means of a filter or extraction, or possibly has the option of both.

Let your extractor hood be wall-mounted, and get more space


Nowadays, you can also choose hoods in many other designs, for example wall-mounted, free-hanging, ceiling-integrated, cabinet-integrated and hob-integrated. Among the most popular models for Danish kitchens you will find the wall-mounted extractor hood.

A wall-mounted extractor hood is ideal for those who have the stove close to the wall. When you get your hood hung on the wall, it will not be in the way when you are cooking in the same way as the traditional hood. And the modern wall-mounted hoods are a lot easier to clean.

Win space with a wall-mounted extractor hood from Thermex

Another good reason to have your extractor hood wall-mounted is that you can save a lot of space that way. A wall-hung hood does not take up much space and is actually almost decorative in its simple design.

The beautiful hoods from Thermex are examples of beautiful and functional hoods that are easy to install and clean. Thermex hoods set completely new standards for hoods and hoods for private homes.

Thermex hoods are available in varying designs, and are delivered in different sizes with ditto capacity. The Thermex hood series Blue Line and Yellow Line can offer wall-hung hoods with the option of recirculation through a carbon filter or connection to extraction. The efficient extractor hoods are available in several beautiful and stylish designs - and you will certainly be able to find at least one model that matches your kitchen.

Order your Thermex hood online


If you want to order a Thermex hood via a webshop, you should be aware that only products from Thermex Yellow Line can be ordered online. These are, for example, the popular models Glasgow, Reading, Cambridge II, London II, Preston Lux, Mini Preston II, Vertical Automatic and Corby.

Common to all the models mentioned is their slim profile and the way in which the individual hood is wall-mounted. The mentioned models belong to the "vertical scope" category and have gained great popularity in kitchens across the country in recent years.

With one of these models, you get the ultimate space saving, as the hood is mounted directly on the wall. The scope maintains an oblique angle from the wall and does not take up much more depth than a flat-screen TV.

Among the wall-mounted cooker hood models in the Thermex Yellow Line series, you will also find the more classically designed models Decor 787, Camino Eco II, Decor 942, Harwich II and Harwich Lux as well as the popular and well-designed Derby. And if you want extra suction power in a delicious industrial design, you can choose Semi Industri Emfang in stainless steel – the perfect match for a true gourmand kitchen.

Thermex Blue Line - dealer sales only


If you have fallen in love with one of the beautiful and stylish hoods from Thermex's Blue Line series, you can find what you are looking for at the selection of dealers. These models cannot be ordered online.

The Blue Line series includes the vertical models Dax, Mine Bordeaux, Cave, Perpignan and Mini Perpignan, the exciting and rustic Bretagne, which is perfect for the traditional country kitchen, and the more conventionally designed horizontal model Lyon, which is particularly suitable for wide stoves.

Common to all Thermex hoods -


is the high capacity, the uniform and quiet suction as well as the beautiful and stylish profile. At the same time, the devices are easy to operate and come with many different options for setting. You will certainly be able to find a Thermex model that matches your wishes and preferences.

You can have your Thermex hood mounted on the wall if you choose to let an authorized supplier take care of delivery and installation.