Plasmex Filter Concept


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The most important task for an extractor hood is to ensure that grease and odors from cooking are effectively removed from the kitchen. This is traditionally done with the help of flues to the open air. It is typically with the help of flex hoses that the hood transports the air out to a roof hood or a grate in the wall. But it can be difficult and expensive to establish a hole in the roof or wall. And in some homes it is not an option at all. Here you can choose a recirculation solution.

With recirculation, the purified air is sent back into the kitchen. This is traditionally done using a carbon filter which is mounted inside the hood. The food dose is first sucked through the hood's grease filter, as with normal extraction, where all the grease particles are filtered out.

And then the air is sent through the carbon filter, which, with the help of the active carbon inside the filter, binds the smell to the filter. And then the cleaned air is led out into the kitchen again.

This is done using different methods, depending on the type of hood the carbon filter is installed in. In the case of wall-hung hoods, there are usually grooves in the hood's chimney - via these the air is returned to the kitchen.

New construction of passive and low-energy houses

In the case of newly built passive and low-energy houses, it is extra advantageous to have recirculation, as a large amount of heated air is led out of the house with a traditional flue. This will naturally affect the energy balance negatively, as you subsequently have to reheat a corresponding amount of air.


For the same reason, recirculation is used to an increasing extent in these homes, as the requirements to lower energy consumption in the building regulations are continuously tightened. In addition, ventilation systems are always installed in newly built houses, which means that the moisture from cooking is removed via the heat recovery system.


There are hundreds of designs on a charcoal filter - Some must be mounted on the back of the grease filter. Others are mounted on the intake of the engine. And thus there are approximately as many charcoal filters as there are hoods on the market.

Because of this, Thermex has launched a new filter concept. The concept consists of 3 types of recirculation filters that can be used by any hood – Cabinet-mounted, free-hanging, ceiling-integrated, wall-mounted and even table-integrated hoods.

With the Thermex Filter concept, you are free to wonder which carbon filter the hood is "born" with. The only thing you have to think about is what quality and maintenance you want.