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Find the right Thermex hood for central ventilation

Hood for central ventilation


Over the past approximately seventy years, hoods and range hoods have developed explosively, and to this day are a firmly integrated part of most modern kitchens. But where in the past hoods were almost only reserved for kitchens in larger houses with the option of exhausting to the outdoors, you will now be able to easily order a hood that can fit into even the smallest apartment kitchen.


For example, you can choose an extractor hood which sends the food dose through an active carbon filter and back into the home. Or you can go for one of the newer models in hoods that can be connected to the property's central outlet.

Why choose a hood central ventilation?


There are many advantages associated with choosing an extractor hood that can be connected to central ventilation – at least if you live in an apartment located in a block of flats. When you choose a central ventilation hood, you will be able to use the property's own ventilation system.

This model is an obvious alternative to the traditional model, which involves connection to its own extraction duct. This is not always possible in an apartment. And if you are not interested in a container with carbon filter for recirculation, which needs to be replaced or cleaned every second, it is a good idea to investigate the possibility of connecting to central ventilation.

If your property offers this option, there are many advantages to be gained. Among other things, your extractor hood must not be equipped with a motor when you connect it to the property's ventilation system. This means that you completely get rid of the noise from the engine in the apartment's kitchen.

You get a particularly effective extraction of food from the kitchen. Your hood for central ventilation can be operated just like an ordinary hood with its own motor. And when the hood is connected to the property's central outlet, you save even more electricity.

Thermex Central Line – hood with connection to central suction


Thermex is capable of delivering a wide range of hoods that can be connected to central ventilation in modern properties. For several decades, Thermex has supplied top of the line hoods and similar units to Danish kitchens, and has always been far ahead when it comes to technology for modern households.


With a Thermex hood, you are guaranteed a solid quality product. All hoods from Thermex's product catalog meet an incredibly high quality standard, and are known for their beautiful design and streamlined profile as well as their efficient and quiet motors.

You will always be able to find an extractor hood or range that matches your preferences and the layout of your kitchen at Thermex. This applies regardless of whether you are in the market for a wall-mounted or free-hanging hood, or whether you are looking for a hood that can be integrated into the ceiling, into the worktop, or into the upper cupboard above your hobs.

Thermex is of course also capable of delivering central ventilation hoods - these are found in the Thermex Central Line series. This series goes across hood types, which is why you can get free-hanging as well as wall-mounted or integrated Thermex hoods with connection to central ventilation. And several of these models can also be connected to heat recovery systems, for the ultimate use of energy.

Thermex AIRGRIP – a hood for the future


Among the absolute flagships within integrated scopes you will find AIRGRIP. AIRGRIP from Thermex shines with a convex design that gives the container an increased suction surface. This means that even larger amounts of fat, steam and particles from cooking can be sucked up into the hood, where the patented system of Vortex reflectors provides additional suction power.

The AIRGRIP hood can be easily integrated into the upper cupboard, and does not take up much space here. This hood is ideal in kitchens where the space requirements are not great - for example in apartments. And since Thermex AIRGRIP can also be connected to central ventilation, you get a lot of suction power for the money.

Thermex AIRGRIP, like Thermex's other models, is easily operated using a user-friendly and intuitive front panel. The built-in switch automatically triggers the building's exhaust system for extra circulation. You can order your Thermex AIRGRIP in either black, white lacquered or stainless steel, so that the hood will match the rest of the kitchen's decor. And since the Vortex reflectors described above are located on the sides of the hood, it will not take up unnecessary space in your upper cabinet.

Wall-hung hoods, central ventilation


If you prefer a wall-mounted hood rather than a cupboard-integrated one of this kind, Thermex can offer two models, namely AIR-TECH II and CENTRAL 787. AIR-TECH II is the wall-mounted version of the AIRSLIM described above, and, like this model, can supplied in special measurements. At the same time, AIR-TECH II boasts the same great features as AIRSLIM, and with its beautiful, clean lines and stainless steel surface, is an ornament for every kitchen.

CENTRAL 787 is the slightly more affordable solution, and corresponds in terms of specification to CENTRAL GEMINI III.


AIRSLIM – quiet and efficient  


As an alternative to AIRGRIP, you will find AIRSLIM – a cabinet-integrated hood with a slim and discreet profile. AIRSLIM from Thermex is particularly distinguished by a flexible design, and can be delivered in special dimensions if your kitchen does not meet the standard dimensions.

With AIRSLIM, you get a lot of hood for your money. This is a quality product that you can enjoy for many years. Among other things, Thermex AIRSLIM boasts a fully adjustable damper with Belimo damper motor, double-acting potential-free relay output, and internals consisting of industrial-quality electronics. The hood is easy to operate using Soft Touch buttons on the front, and illuminates the stove with energy-efficient LED spots.



Among the cabinet-integrated hoods with connection to central ventilation, CENTRAL PLAN 252 and CENTRAL GEMINI III are also worth mentioning. Both CENTRAL PLAN 252 and CENTRAL GEMINI III are characterized by a beautiful and slim profile, a low noise level and prices that most people can afford.

However, unlike the CENTRAL GEMINI III, the CENTRAL PLAN 252 is equipped with a patent-protected adjustment damper which is easily operated with a single button and a 60-minute timer function. CENTRAL GEMINI III must be considered the absolute cheapest hood for central ventilation, with really good value for money.