TXHPS 12000 WiFi Setup Guide

How to setup WiFi connectivity

Before starting

Make sure you have a compatible Android or iOS smartphone.
Make sure you are connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network on your smartphone. TXHPS is not compatible with 5 GHz WiFi.

Step 1

Install the SmartLife – SmartHome app by scanning the QR code or on smart.app.tuya.com/tcl.

Step 2

After installing the app, open it and click on Scan.
(Alternatively, click on ‘Enter Activation Code’, type in ‘THERMEX’, and click confirm.)

Step 3

Scan the QR code with the app.

Step 4

Log in to the SmartLife app, or sign up for free using the on-screen instructions.

Step 5

Click on ‘Add Device’.

Step 6

Make sure that Bluetooth and Location services are turned on and that access is allowed in the app. Click ‘Continue’ when done.

Step 7

Click on ‘Air Conditioner (BT+Wi-Fi).’

Step 8

Reset/Open the Heat Pump device for pairing. As instructed in the app, click on the ‘DISPLAY’ button on the Heat Pump remote control.

Step 8 (pt. 2)

Click 6 times on the ‘DISPLAY’ button within 8 seconds. Each press will return a “Beep” from the Heat Pump, followed by two “Beep”s. The device is now ready for pairing.

Step 9

Select your Wi-Fi network, enter the password, and click ‘Next’. Make sure your selected Wi-Fi network is 2.4 GHz.

Step 10

Upon completion, the device is now paired and set up for Wi-Fi connectivity and control.

Step 11

The device can now be controlled from within the app. Different modes, timer-based configurations, and alternative settings are available remotely. Please see the on-screen instructions or refer to the device’s user manual for a detailed description of modes, etc.