Easy and quick installation

Battery-powered sensor unit with 5-6 year battery life. 2-way wireless connection between the sensor and the power management unit.

In SAFEMEX KOMFURVAGT, a power management unit is connected to the hob's power supply. The battery-powered sensor is easy and quick to install using an adhesive tape on a wall or the underside of a hood.

SAFEMEX KOMFURVAGT automatically detects overheating on the hob, pots, pans and switches off the power to the hob if the temperature is not lowered or the alarm is acknowledged. It is ready to use immediately after installation thanks to its reliable and tested wireless connection.

Easy to use

Fully automatic cooking safety, the user does not require any activity. An alarm can be disabled by pressing a button. Compatible with most household induction, ceramic and iron hobs with both 1- and 3-phase stove cables. Adjustable alarm limit for different installation heights.
SAFEMEX KOMFURVAGT monitors its operation automatically for fail-safe operation. The cooker's automatic lock is activated if the sensor unit is removed from its position or the batteries have run out.


Turns off automatically

Optional timer function. When SAFEMEX KOMFURVAGT detects that the hob is switched on, it can start a built-in timer (countdown). When the number has been counted down, the hob is switched off. To restart the timer, press man once on the control button.

The market's smartest fire protection​


- the only solution that can prevent fire by automatically turning off the stove in the event of overheating