Table-integrated hood


Thermex table-integrated hood - easy and practical

If you want to avoid odors from mados in your kitchen and in other rooms of the home


The hood – or the hood, as the unit is also called – is not a new phenomenon. This smart device, which removes fat and particles in connection with cooking, has been an integral part of Danes' kitchens since sometime in the last century.

A good extractor hood can, with the help of its built-in motor, ensure that the smell from cooking does not linger on walls, curtains and furniture for several days. Steam, frying sauce and the like are effectively sucked away when the hood is switched on. This makes cooking more pleasant, and at the same time prevents the build-up of dirt on the kitchen walls, tiles and tiles.

In the past, an extractor hood was like a large, noisy crumb that was placed at head height above the hob. Those days are fortunately over when the hood was constantly in the way, and when you could hardly hear yourself think because of the noise from there.

Modern table hoods are at the same time more discreet in their design and quite a bit more efficient. This means that the hood does not necessarily have to be placed directly above the stove, to the detriment of you while you are cooking. You can choose to have your new extractor hood integrated into the ceiling, at the bottom of the upper cupboard, or even in the table next to your hobs.

Table-integrated hood from Thermex – a safe choice


If you are in the market for a table-integrated extractor hood, and you want to be absolutely sure that it can work efficiently for many years, you might want to take a look at the Danish extractor hood manufacturer Thermex. At Thermex, you will always be able to find hoods, here under table hoods, in top quality.

For more than five decades, Thermex has been the market leader in hoods and hoods. As early as 1965, Thermex launched its first hood model - and since then the company's products have developed explosively.

To this day, Thermex is capable of delivering both wall-mounted and ceiling-hung hoods as well as cupboard, ceiling and table-integrated models. You will also find both hoods that can be connected to the home's exhaust system, as hoods with replaceable charcoal filters where this is not an option - and of course also hoods that can do both.

Regardless of what your wishes are for hood design, you can find what you are looking for in Thermex' solid range. This counts two product lines, namely Yellowline and Blueline.

Hoods in the Yellowline series can be purchased both from physical retailers and in online shops, where the Blueline products can only be purchased from the physical retailers. If you therefore want a table scope of one of the types described below, you should pay attention to whether you can order it online or whether you need to find a dealer.

TYPHOON – easy and compact


Among the more popular table hoods in the Yellowline series we find TYPHOON, which is actually a set of hobs with a built-in table-integrated hood. TYPHOON can be installed in even the smallest kitchen, and has the option of both connection to an extractor and recirculation through an effective filter.

TYPHOON boasts a particularly efficient range and many options for connection, regardless of whether you want extraction to the open air or whether you only have the option of recirculation.



TORNADO – a flexible high end solution


Blue Limited, which is part of the Blueline series from Thermex, can offer the exclusive table-integrated extractor hood TORNADO. Like the TYPHOON, this hood is integrated into the cooker itself between the four hobs, so that it is close to the center of the action.

With TORNADO, you get a top of the line product in terms of suction power and capacity as well as utilization of space. A great choice for the active chef who does not want to compromise on the high quality standards.

LE MANS I – induction cooker with table-integrated hood


Another Yellowline product is LE MANS I, which is a good choice for a solid and efficient table-integrated hood with really good value for money.

LE MANS I has the option of using a Plasmex(R) filter which provides the most effective cleaning of the air from the hood prior to recirculation.

CYCLONE – the ultimate hood for tabletop integration


Likewise in the Thermex Blue Limited series we find CYCLONE. CYCLONE table-integrated hood represents the highest quality in terms of performance as well as design and aesthetics. In addition to features such as the Slow Cook function and 9-step heat regulation on each hob, with CYCLONE you get the option of a Bridge function, which allows the interconnection of several hobs for an extended cooking zone.

CYCLONE is demanding for connoisseurs, and can be recommended for those who value strong and durable design.