Mini Plasmex

Innovative plasma filter at an extremely advantageous price.

Thermex Mini Plasmex is a plasma filter that effectively purifies the air passing through it. Plasma filters clean the air significantly differently than regular charcoal filters. When the polluted air enters the filter, the air particles become electronically charged, making it easier for odors to be filtered out in the charcoal filter section. As a result, Thermex Mini Plasmex achieves an efficiency of up to 85%, which is much higher than what is possible with a typical charcoal filter. Therefore, it's groundbreaking that Thermex can now introduce Mini Plasmex at a very reasonable price in terms of quality, efficiency, and maintenance.

The Plasmex filter solution is still unknown to many, but Thermex was among the very first in the market to introduce the concept and has had many satisfied customers since 2017.

This is partly because, when compared to a traditional charcoal filter over a period of 5 years, Mini Plasmex is significantly cheaper because it doesn't need to be replaced. The lifespan of a Mini Plasmex is up to 5 years. Whereas in the same period, with a traditional charcoal filter, one would have had to replace it 10-15 times. So, it can definitely be worthwhile to purchase a Mini Plasmex. In addition to saving money, you also save the hassle of changing the filter in your extractor hood, and you also get much better filtration.

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