Wasteminator III

Shreds and disposes of organic waste via the drain - Avoid about 1/3 of the waste in the waste bag - For better hygiene in the kitchen - Can be connected to a dishwasher for rinsing 3/4 HP - Simple installation under the kitchen sink

Thermex is pleased to present a range of products that make the waste bag a little lighter and the environment in your kitchen better. Approximately 1/3 of the kitchen waste in a typical household is of a nature that can go through a waste grinder. The Wasteminator series provides less work in emptying the waste bag and better hygiene in the kitchen.

Kitchen grinders in the Wasteminator series work by grinding organic waste, such as food scraps, vegetables, pulp etc. is flushed down the drain and out through the grinder. Inside the grinder itself, there is a rotating metal disc with some metal blocks which rotates at 1,500 revolutions per minute. minute squeezes the leftovers out through a grate, after which two graters tear the leftovers into very small pieces, which are then flushed out through the drain.

Thermex is of course available with further advice and guidance. Remember that it may require permission from the municipality to install a waste grinder. You should contact your municipality and find out more. Supplied with a Schuko plug and must be extra protected cf. the high current order

  • Power: 560 W (3/4 HP)
  • Induction motor with 1480/1680 rpm
  • Sound level 15-25 dB

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